A fewer dishes Ideas From Canapés to Desserts for your Festive Menus


Spicy Cigars ( Fillo Pastry Rolls filled with Cumberland Sausagemeat)

Stilton and Walnut Crunchies Savoury Biscuits

Homemade Haggis Ravioli

Mix of Savoury Puff Squares

Mix of Mini Roast Potatoes topped and stuffed many ways

Mix of Crostini

Chunky Chips /garlic/rosemary/ lemony, with various Dips (tomato salsa, guacamole)

Cramberry & Camembert Puffs


Mint Raita dip

Cranberry Sauce 

Celeriac and Parsley Soup


Celeriac and Parsley Soup 

Mixed Mushrooms and Chestnut Pies

HomeMade Minestrone Soup with Haggis Ravioli 

Homemade Gnocchi with Truffle Oil and wild Mushrooms 

Pan Fried Wild Salmon with Roasted Cauliflower Risotto 

Walnut & Stilton Barley Orzotto with roasted squash & Port sauce

Creamy Smoked Salmon, leek & potato soup

Creamy Smoked Salmon, leek & potato soup 

Roasted Garlic Cheese Soufflé with Roasted Plumb Tomato Sauce  


Chicken & Clementine Tagine

Tray Baked Homemade Gnocchi with SausageMince and Apricot 

Glazed Ham With Caramelized Fruits 

Whole Oven Baked Butter-Basted Turkey Stuffed with sausages and haggis 

Whole Oven Baked Butter-Basted Turkey Stuffed with sausages and haggis and truffle 

Roasted pork with chilli Mango Stuffing

Roast Goose 

Beef Wellington With Parma Ham 

Salmon & Watercress Puff

Sticky apple sausage e Bacon 

Fish Pie


Stilton Rarebit &Chestnut Bubble ( Layered Presented a mix of Brussels sprouts, onions, chestnuts and Mashed potatoes topped with roasted parsnips and Rarebit 

Broccoli and leeks Purée 

Mushrooms and Chestnuts in Cream 

Chestnut Stuffed Red onions

Rosemary and Garlic Roasties

Honey Mustard Parsnips

Port & orange Gravy

Bread Sauce

Masala nut roast

Cauliflower Leeks and cheese gratin


Chocolate Chestnut Log 

Chocolate Mousse Cake 

Festive almond biscuits

Mince Pies 

Cranachan Trifle 

Homemade Ice cream with Clementine and Amaretti

Glög ( warm spiced Wine )

Christmas Pavlova Cake 

Traditional Creamy Italian Tiramisu’