• Toasted sourdough bruschetta with hand peeled tomatoes ,salads and halumi and crisps ,shot of tomatoes soup
• Goat cheese tart with figs and salad leaf and poppa seeds snaps
• Tomatoes soup with rosmarin crutons
• Spicy butternut squash soup and crisps squash
• Minestone soup with and made pasta
• Double cooked parmesan souffle and tomatoes souse
• Michel Bourdin’s Quail Egg Maintenon
• Hand made Ravioli with ricotta spinach in butter and sage sauce

• Mussels Marine´re
• Potted Salmon ( salmon 3 ways: smoked,grawlax,fresh salmon)
• Lobster mango and rocket tarts
• Basil oil tuna with confit garlic and salad
• BlueTorched cured Makrel with sesame seeds snaps
• Thai Prawn and handmade Linguini soup
• Griddled asparagus with roasted red peppers and soft poached herbed salmon

• Paella my way ( Traditional Spanish Paella with my Herbed Crutons Sourdough )
• HandMade Sweet potatoes Gnocchi with chorizo and spinach
• Handmade tagliatelle in Pigeon Ragout
• My little delicious game pie
• Triple Grilled Cheese on toasted brioches and Crispy Parma ham
• Giuseppe Cheesesteak with sourdough baguette and Slowcooked beef
• True Meatballs in handmade tomatoes and basil spicy sauce and Sourdough melba toast
• My Gorgeous Caesar Salad ( ask Giuseppe for more )


• Griddled Auberjne with mushrooms and roasted cheese
• Goatcheese tart tatin with roasted vegetables
• Pesto Tagliatelle with Crisps Vegetables and Roasted Vegetables
• Proper Roasted Carnaroli Vegetables Risotto
• Ravioli with Ricotta and Spinach and Roasted cherry tomatoes
• Parmesan Risotto with Slow Cooked Chicken Eggs Truffle oil and SourDough
• Giuseppe’s wow Vegetables Lasagna

• Whole sea bass baked in salt with Roasted Prawns and Beurre blanc
• Sole With Roasted Cherry Tomatoes and Corizo,
• Turbot Steak with a Bourguignon Sauce
• Slow cooked Salmon on a bed of Fennel and Baby Broccoli steamed
• Sea Food Risotto
• Lobster Handmade Tagliatelle
• Sea Food Filled Ravioli in Salmon sauce

• Fillet Of Beef Au Poivre and Triple Cooked Chips and Cherry tomatoes
• Veal Shin Slow-cooked with Barolo and Sage
• Loin of Lamb with Roasted Vegetables and Triple Cooked New Potatoes
• roasted chicken breast & stew Mediterranean style chicken with crushed tomatoes and chives and natural
• Lamb Chops with Black olives and Roasted Tomatoes
• Roasted wild Duck with Honey and Black Pepper Glaze and Steamed Pack-Choy
• Giuseppe's wow Traditional Beef and Pork Lasagna


• Vanilla Crepes Suzettes flambe with vanilla and cinnamon Handmade (In your Kitchen) Ice cream
• Warm chocolate brownie, berries and Almond tuile
• Giuseppe’s Amazing apple Tart Tatin With soft espuma vanilla sauce and vanilla Ice cream Handmade (In your Kitchen)
• Beautiful rice pudding with apricots and Brandy snap
• Giuseppe’s Special Tiramisu’
• My special Stichy toffee pudding , vanilla and orange Ice Cream Handmade (In your Kitchen)
• Panna Cotta , Slow cooked berries and Almond Tuile
• Creme Brule’ , Biscotti and Vanilla Ice cream Handmade (In your Kitchen)


Skewers of sweet potatoes red peppers with chili and Lime Salsa
Layers of marinated courgette and red onions kebabs and aubergine roasted
Pan fried Aubergine and Mushrooms with olive oil and parsley and thyme crakers
Mediterranean Vegetables with Pesto and pine nut dressing
Haloumi ,Avocado pane , rocket salad and crispy sour dough
Celeriac veloute with rocket puree and toasted almonds
Simple Houmous and Pickled vegetables
Sweet potato & white bean chilli and Rice
Vegan Bruschetta of Roasted Vegetables and Red Vegan Pesto
Semolina Maccheroni with med Vegetables and crispy squash
American Vegan Burgher with Chips and salad
Semolina Orecchiette with wild Mushrooms and Crispy onions
Curried Coconut Quinoa and Greens with Roasted Cauliflower
Creamy (vegan!) Butternut Squash Linguine with Fried Sage
Chopped Kale Salad with Edamame, Carrot and Avocado
Curried Red Lentil Soup with Dried Cherries and Cilantro
Spicy Sweet Potato and Green Rice Burrito Bowls