Frequently Asked Questions

Giuseppe Manzoli has established his catering and party services in Scotland for Scotland and north England. Giuseppe caters for any event, including private parties, weddings, birthday parties, functions, and more.

To Book Giuseppe Call ~ 07414 235 378

Are you able to travel easily around Scotland and north England?

Yes, I’ve got my van and all the equipment for keeping the food protected and nice and clean.

What is your style of cooking?

My style is Italian, and many of my dishes are handmade pasta based (but not necessary) with a twist of French cuisine.

What salt do you use?

I’m using only flaked sea salt.

Are you using sugar in your preparations?

Only for the dessert.

Have you met Scottish chefs ?

Yes, I work most of the time as a relief chef with many Scottish chefs, and I learn what people in this country like to eat most of the time.

Do you need any of my equipment ?

No! I’ve got all my pans and pots and cutlery and tools…Unless your kitchen has a particular cooker, I don’t need your stuff.

How can I book you?

Before booking me, send me an email or call me to see if I’m available and If I meet your requirements. My goal is to make my clients 100% satisfied and to achieve that, I have to deliver what I know the best. Then I’ll try to tailor a menu for you, and if you feel that I’m the right person for you, I’ll send you over my bank details and, with 100£ deposit, you have become my next client. I will ask you to pay the total amount ten days before the event, but we can talk about this…

What do I have to do after the party is done ?

Nothing!! You will enjoy the company of your friends and family, and I’ll take care of the cleaning.

We are at the 6th floor, is that a problem for you?

No, for you I’m going everywhere.

Are you going to make our birthday cake from scratch?

Yes, I’m a pastry chef and I build up your cake from scratch with every single ingredient…

Are you working all the time ?

Mmmmm??? It’s not really work…It’s my passion!! Yes, I work most of the time and I enjoy it.