1. Your Hands in the Flour Class

£ 99,00 include Vat

You will learn how to make my special sourdough bread, how to grow your own fermenting yeast, and how to make ravioli and tagliatelle, all in the comfort of your home. You may provide the ingredients, or I can buy them for you..., and In the end, all of the products we make will be yours to keep and freeze if you like, for the next time you cook.

I will stay with you till I'm sure you have understood all the steps, and we will do many experiments with handmade pasta, fillings, and this bread base.

You do not require a big kitchen... Kitchen size needed will just depend on if you want to include six people for this day.


£ 99,00 include VAT

Here you'll learn many different kinds of bread. I'll show you how to make your own bread at home for the week and how to make the special bread for your canapés, mini burgers, and breads for all the special occasions of the year. You will have to buy the ingredients, but at the end all of the bread we produce will be yours.

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3. Cakes for Special Occasions

£149.00 include VAT

Ingredients are not included in the price. At the end of the course, all the cakes and sweets will be yours to keep and enjoy.

Here’s what you will learn how to do:
• Victoria Sponge
• Crem pa
• Coulis
• Ganace
• Fruit sauce
• Almond tuiles
• Basic sugar works