Canapes Selections:

No size of event is too big or too small for your canapés event.

Handmade mini breads, breadsticks, crackers, and savory snaps
Deep fried risotto rice arancini filled with brie
Roasted pork belly with spicy tomato sauce
Prawns cocktails
Roasted prawns and parma ham
Roasted peppers with goat cheese
Roasted figs and parma ham
Herbed polenta with black olives
Mini bruschetta with smoked salmon and herbed cheese
Mini bruschetta with herbs and prawns
Water biscuits and goat cheese and chutney
Fritter nests with Marie Rose and prawns
Cherry tomato mozzarella bites with basil
Zucchini, soft cheese, and walnuts
Beef tartare on toasted sourdough bread
Salmon tartare on toasted sourdough bread
Mixed greens wrapped with halloumi
Cheese bigné with chutney


Cheese quiche with cashew nuts and greens
Bacon quiche with leeks and herbs
Blue cheese quiche with walnuts and celery
Mushroom and asparagus quiche
Sundried tomato quiche
Pepperoni and spinach quiche
Hot smoked salmon, pickled cucumber, and cream served on blinis
Mascarpone, beetroot chutney served on herbed pancakes
Pesto and shredded chicken on blinis


Lemon dressed herbs and salmon tartlet
Saffron mayonnaise with julienne vegetable tartlet
Parmesan chantilly, olives, and shallot tartlet
Aubergine and tomato salsa tartlet


Couscous and chilli slow cooked beef
Diced pear, roquefort, honey, and walnut
Avocado, cream cheese, and boiled egg yolk
Balsamic mousse and mortadella

And many more Ideas ….

feel free to speak with Giuseppe to tailor the right choice for you…please note this is only and example.