“I will make your event a remarkable story, this is my promise to you.”


Specialist in Mini Weddings and all Cooking Dinners for all sort of Events and with or without Kitchen Facilities 

Giuseppe Manzoli is Edinburgh & Glasgow & Scotland Professional Premier Private Chef Weddings Bespoke Catering Service.

With his team of professional Chefs e Butlers he Caterers for any event, with high-quality standards e significant value for the money.

Giuseppe cooks all dishes from scratch, fresh and unique

Seasonal produce and freshness is at the heart of his success

Hire your private chef

or team of chefs and butlers for your dinner or Big Day, it is simple with Giuseppe.

Are you looking for a personal chef or bespoke catering company in Edinburgh

Glasgow or everywhere in Scotland, then enquire to Giuseppe.

He is considerate the local chef for Scotland; he travels all over to accommodate the needs of families business and corporations.

Experience and professionalism are the drives to his mission

Functions, Parties, Hen Party

Outside Catering, Bespoke Catering, Fine Dining, Canapes, Good Food to Go, Homemade bite Tapas, Chefs and Butlers for Villas, all your services and mouthwatering recipes with GiuseppeManzoli-chef.

Giuseppe is happy to talk to you; please inquire to 07414235378

Giuseppe will provide all food and dining equipment including cutlery, crockery, plates, glasses, etc (for a comprehensive list of what is included, please contact us). At the end of the meal, he will also clean your kitchen.

TO MAKE A BOOKING CALL ~ 07414 235 378


Giuseppe has listed the types of chef services he can provide here. This list is not exhaustive. If you have an event in mind please contact us.


Giuseppe will personalise your menu for your own specific requirements. Listed on this page are some typical menus you might expect.


Giuseppe has 26 years experience in Private Dining and Bespoke Catering. He normally caters for groups from between 2 to 30 people.