Winter Festivities, White Christmas, Innovative Menus


Butter-Stuffed Christmas Turkey from Private Chef Giuseppe Manzoli

Winter Festivities, White Christmas, Innovative Menus, Joyful Vibes
A truly authentic Fine Dining Experience or Casual Dinner at your Venue, you will get with your professional Private chef Giuseppe Manzoli.

Christmas is around the corner, and it is that time of year again where family reunions take place. Whether you are residing in Scotland or wondering where to spend your vacation with your loved ones, then Scotland is your must-visit destination to enjoy the festive season.

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A venue In Scotland Where Giuseppe Have done a Wedding 

Rest assured that there will be cold outside, but Christmas spirit in Scotland is merely magical, and it would not be the same this year without tasting and experiencing an exceptional holiday menu that stands out.

Christmas dinner can be stress-free and your day will be relaxed

and fun when hiring your professional chef Giuseppe Manzoli.
Celebrate with style this year while hiring your private chef Giuseppe Manzoli and he will ensure providing you a glorious, joyful holiday from A to Z.

An extraordinary ” Christmas menu with a creative Italian touch ” is awaiting you with the highest standards, freshness ingredients, and no preservatives at all.
His commitment and passion to cook have led Giuseppe to select a festive dining menu which will tantalise your taste buds.
Giuseppe’s outstanding services cover Scotland and northern England as well. So make sure to book your holiday menu in advance to guarantee the best experience ever.
A plethora of gourmet ”  Christmas dining options are one click away”so don’t hesitate to send all your enquiries to and Giuseppe will be more than glad to assist you.

Hire your professional private chef to get an enchanting, luxurious experience from the wonderland Scotland with love

Giuseppe Manzoli!

Giuseppe has his youtube channel where you can find more about his services and here is a link related to how he cooks the Christmas Turkey

And here you can find Dishes and Ideas

and Please remember that Giuseppe Will speaks to you and together will tailor the right dishes for all your guests.

Giuseppe Knows the basic of cooking and so you can ask for dishes that you can not find here and he will make them always fresh and handmade.

Giuseppe Is happy to talk to you 

And please get in touch and explain to him what are you looking for, he is keen to make your event a remarkable story for you and your guests.

This is Giuseppe’s Main Professional video Introduction 

For Christmas This year I want someone cook for me ! Shopping ..Cooking..Serving


Christmas Idea Private Chef Service

I’m thinking about new dishes for December 2018, three months to go to Christmas and all the festivity of the last month of the year
Take your Private Chef at Home
Are you thinking to hire your cook for your special meals for family and friends this year?
If you usually cook at home for your family, you know how hard is shop the ingredients, prepare them, cook everything on time, and then serve them and also you still need to clean up your kitchen. 
Well, Giuseppe offers you a comfortable and enjoyable solution, hire your chef and get the best Turkey ever.

Your Private Chef Will Clean up as well!

Then what’s left for you: the chance to enjoy the company of your guests, raise a toast and believe or not, this event will stay in your memory for many months. The next day you’ll find your kitchen spotless, ready for you to take over.
What Giuseppe have done so far for you is trying new recipes on a different kind of baked Christmas Turkey with Stuffing of course

Whole turkey, Fresh butter salted, Sausages and Haggis, herbs and Paprika and Turmeric, Christmas flavours 

Here you can find out some benefits of using Turmeric:

If you like these photos and you want to try this recipe yourself, then it’s okay, here is how I’ve done It :

Fill up and stuffing your Bird and then wrap it with Baking Paper and Bake it for 3 hours, previous one and a half at 180* and then at 160*

Giuseppe Will serve you all over Scotland; also Perthshire is a favourite route.
Do you know that he worked several times at the well known Fonab Castle Hotel and also have served Clients In Aberfeldy and Few more Places and castles in Pitlochry even Perth like the Annan Coach house for the 80th Happy Birthday of Mr Terry

Giuseppe Is happy to talk with you and tailor the right menu for your memorable day.

Get in touch with the chef don’t hesitate for a reliable and friendly advice.

Find Out more of Giuseppe’s menus here

Private Chef-Giuseppe Manzoli your private chef in Scotland

Quality Canapes ,hand made and tailored like all my dishes
Canapes for Private Dinners 

The Professional Private Chef for hire 

Giuseppe is your professional private chef for hire across Scotland. Giuseppe is originally from Venice and in the last 6 years have served clients all over Scotland and North England , travelling for them and follow them in the comfort of their homes.

The Private Chef Quality 

Giuseppe source the finest ingredients and tailor unique dishes to create a unique private dining experience. Giuseppe Has a youtube channel as well and here is one of his latest videos where you can start to see what he is doing when he comes to serve you 

Here is  Private Chef Giuseppe Serving in Biggar 

And this is one of his latest reviews on his facebook page :
Private Chef Giuseppe Manzoli Services Across Scotland 

Hog Roast beautiful and tasty Pig eating events for weddings and outside caterings

Revive the Scottish Traditions with your professional private chef Giuseppe Manzoli.

An Amazing Hog Roast Experience is waiting for you.

Hog Roasting is one of the most popular catering experiences around Scotland. A hog roast is an event where all your guests will gather to watch and enjoy live culinary expertise. It is a fantastic way to feed large amounts of guests whatever the occasion small or big is. The hog roast is a catering that we provide with an exclusive and luxurious touch with the best combination of roasting machines, roasting technique, staff, unique recipes, and fresh ingredients keeping the meat juicy & covered with mouthwatering flavours.

Who is Giuseppe Manzoli Chef … watch the video 

So if you have never experienced the live cooking of freshly roasted pork before, it is the right time to hire your professional private chef Giuseppe Manzoli now and prepare yourself for an outstanding quality of food and service whether it is a wedding reception, an outdoor event, or any other occasion you have.

Our pig roast menus are chosen carefully

All your guests will leave feeling completely satisfied with the spectacular cuisine and the high standards of service and food.
Our pig roast menus are chosen carefully to satisfy your taste buds from the finest locally farmed homegrown produce to the freshest seasonal ingredients along with homemade Italian delicious bread. Our attention to details, passion for cooking, and excellent planning will recreate that little bit of Scottish tradition for your guests.
Your Private Chef Giuseppe Manzoli will always be on hand to assist you in any changes you might like to make. You can stick to an old vintage hog roast menu, or we can create with pleasure customised lists with stylish flavours and tasty dishes.

The Hog Roast that will spoil 

Succulent Hog Roast 

Outstanding quality is awaiting you using the freshest and most beautiful ingredients that make fantastic dishes all prepared on site. We serve all your guests a 5-star service quickly and professionally. We clean up any rubbish and leave site sparkling allowing you to enjoy the rest of the event with no stress and distraction.

we can provide a hog roast catering event throughout Scotland

Our services are not limited to some local areas as we can provide a hog roast catering event throughout Scotland with our expanding highly experienced team who work closely with specialist pig suppliers.
We cater, we serve, and we clear afterwards. So don’t hesitate to place your order in advance by sending your enquiries to

Hire your professional private chef
Get an enchanting, luxurious experience
From the wonderland Scotland with love
Giuseppe Manzol

Look at this video of Giuseppe Services for Private Families as well 

Sure, the full-wide image can be pretty big. But sometimes the image is worth it.

The above is a gallery with just two images. It’s an easier way to create visually appealing layouts, without having to deal with floats. You can also easily convert the gallery back to individual images again, by using the block switcher.

Giuseppe was the most fantastic chef and entertainer for the evening! He provided much more than just a 3-course meal, he provided cocktail making, entrees and a hen party cake. He was very very friendly and such a friendly man. His food was exceptional! He really made our hen so very special!

Lauren Rodgers 
BBQ and Hog Roast and weddings
Giuseppe Is the first choice for Private Catering & Hog Roast & Weddings 

Private Chef at Toftcombs Mansion House Biggar & Scottish Borders catering service

Catering Service Private Chef at Toftcombs Mansion House Biggar & Scottish Borders

Toftcombs is another of the venues where I’ve delivered my Private Chef Service for a big family of over 25 members.

Outside Catering and Bespoke catering is one of my specialities.

I’m often travelling the Scottish borders, Moffat and Biggar and outside Edinburgh and Glasgow for people who want a Private chef in their self-catering house
Not the only private chef, I can also organise a group of chefs and butlers to help you with more larger groups as big weddings and events.

-You can see my video of what I’ve done for this family at Toftcombs here, —

and this is the review which I received on google
This family who I served for five days comes from America, and like many large families who come from around the world to visit Scotland, they need a Private Chef to help them get the food ready before going for activities or get it available at their return. Cooking fresh food takes time, and when you are outside visiting the country you don’t have much time to prepare, after all, you want to relax and enjoy the company of your friends. If they will be not well organising the food, the risk is to eat junk most of the time.
Myself in charge of their meals have given them the freedom to think on their holiday, and after that, I received their wishes on the food, I’ve done the shopping and cooking and the service, all the cleaning up and the setting of the table as well. Is a long task and it requires a lot of skill altogether, from butler to chef and sometimes barman as well, as I did here for this family, cocktails as well.

An this is the photo with part of the family , here are the sons. 

Part of the family who I served at Toftcombs House in Biggar
Me with Part of the Family at Toftcombs House In Biggar , Scotland 

Why I love Toftcoms Mansion House :
Is very ample with huge rooms where you can enjoy your self in any way. The cooking area is like to be in a Professional kitchen, the garden and the surrounding beautiful and very well kept.
Now that I’m writing this is October 2018 and Christmas is on his way if you have not seen my Ideas yet for your December dinners then you can find a few dishes


or even my video where I show you how I suggest eating the Turkey,
tasty and delicious.

Watch My video on the Turkey Here Please .

This is Giuseppe Manzoli chef with his Succulent Turkey and the stuffing. Your Christmas dinner will be very tasty this year
Succulent Turkey and His Stuffing

Private Chef at Toftcombs Mansion House yes is a job worth to do and happy to come back again .

Private Chef Service in Rossie Ochil Estate Forgandenny PH2 9DH, Perthshire

Private Chef Service in Rossie Ochil Estate Forgandenny PH2 9DH in Perthshire

I recently done a catering service for a lovely family in this beautiful self-catering estate near Perth, Scotland. As a private chef, I love to review the houses where I go too.  The surround before you come to the house is fantastic, and you’ll see Pheasants and wild animal all over.
I recommend this house if you are looking to hire a fantastic Mason near Perth, Rossie Ochil Estate is an excellent stay.

You can also have your Catering Company here for your wedding if you want

The property is quite big with many possibilities for any activity.

If you like to cook or if you hire your Catering Company or a Private Chef here they will prepare for you very comfortably any meal.
I was impressed by the size of the rooms and the whole house and how well is kept.

You can see a video from my youtube channel here from when I cook for private clients 

In this photos, you will see some of the dishes

and canapes I’ve cooked and served for them and some pictures of the house

What usually my guests love is my homemade and handmade canapes, like Chrispy haggis bonbon and Chrispy black pudding BobBon and my Arancini or my Succulent Pork Belly Bite. For this Dinner, I’ve Planned a fresh minestrone soup with homemade ravioli and a trio of salmon, so two starters and also a beautiful Scottish fillet of beef pan roasted and served with honey roasted vegetables. Dessert was my homemade Ice cream and a wonderful Sticky toffee pudding. The family have left for me a lovely review on my Public Google Profile and also they wrote about my delicious ice cream on my personal book and here you’ll see a photo of that writing.

If you are looking for some of my dishes Ideas on this link you’ll go to see some of them